Sunday, November 13, 2011

Impact announce 2012 jersey unveiling

The Montreal Impact have announced that their 2012 jerseys will be unveiled on December 1. The event will start at 6 p.m. ET at the Montreal Science Center.

Team staff, players, partners and supporters will all be present. Impact president Joey Saputo is very eager for the unveiling and understands it's a huge step forward.

Click "Read More" to hear what Saputo told the Impact's official website and a few shots of what the jerseys could look like.

“It will be a major event in the history of the Montreal Impact,” he said. “We will be one step closer to our debut in MLS. Our jersey will become an important emblem to which our supporters will want to identify themselves with. We are very excited to present this product, which is very representative of the Impact, the City of Montreal and the Province of Quebec.”

The new Impact logo (above) and the team's sponsor (right) are the only elements of the jersey that have been released.

The pictures below are jerseys mock-ups that have been done through I have no inside sources with the Impact and have no idea how close (or how far off) these mock-ups are from what will be unveiled.

Personally, I like everything about these uni's expect for the collar. They need to do something more modern looking - such as this, this or this. I would love to see blue jersey/blue shorts and white jersey/white shorts. The Impact could mix it up like NCAA football teams in the States do.

I know you have an opinion on this! Leave your thoughts in the comments below and/or hit me up on Twitter at @MLSinMONTREAL. Lets get a Montreal Impact jersey chat going.

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