Saturday, October 08, 2011

Interview with

I recently did an email interview with the founder and senior writer of, Lucas Lohr.

His site covers pretty much anything and everything happening in the world of soccer in North America.

Click "read more" for my interview with Lohr about Canadian soccer, Montreal's expansion and Major League Soccer.

Q. What is the exact purpose of the site?

A. The purpose of my site is to share my thoughts and opinions of soccer in North America. As my credibility grows, I've become privy to more information on the inner workings of soccer on the continent.

An example is I am able to interview more prestigious players and gain confidence of other journalists for information. This gives me a chance to share a more educated insight on various topics/players. 

Q. Thoughts on Canadian soccer?

A. I feel Canadian soccer is extremely important to the growth of soccer in North America. Canadian soccer is growing rapidly as is MLS. The two have a symbiotic relationship now.

Fans also come in droves, at least initially. You can look at Toronto and see what an impact they made when they first came into the league. Management of TFC though has been awful and fans have been scorned. Now the team is struggling with fan relations. This can be a good thing as it's showed Vancouver and Montreal that Canadians wont just show up for any soccer, rather they have to be treated properly.

The teams of Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Edmonton) do well in attendance and are working to create academies for the development of youth programs. Vancouver is particularly far ahead in this. Programs like that will pay dividends in the success of the national team as well as individual clubs.

Q. Thoughts on the Montreal Impact joining MLS in 2012?

A. I have a unique perspective on the Impact as I have a close relationship with their NASL rivals, the Carolina Railhawks. In talking with their players, they are excited to bring top tier football to their hometown and fans.

The Impact fans have shown they are passionate and educated. This will be extremely good for the league. It helps with sponsorship money, ticket sales and it looks good on TV. Montreal has a very good coach in Jesse Marsch, but they'll still likely struggle in the league table as expansion teams do. 

Q. Any players out there that Montreal fans could look to as guys their team could be looking at for 2012?

A. I know that Montreal has players trialing right now. Jamie Watson is an ex-MLSer with a great story. He would be an excellent addition if Marsch decides to pick him up. The team will need a top quality goalkeeper.

I'd keep my eye on Brad Knighton (Carolina, ex NE/Philadelphia) or Josh Saunders (LA's backup). I have no information on them, I just know it'd be positive for them. 

Q. Where do you see MLS going in the future? Will it ever become main-stream in the US?

A. Major League Soccer is on a path for continued growth. The league has survived two recessions and has surpassed several major leagues in attendance (NBA/NHL). Those are only attendance numbers and do not show 'popularity'.

MLS will be main-stream, but not like football or basketball (baseball is dying a slow death all on its own). Considering those factors the league needs to make a footprint in the southeast. Once that happens, you can make a solid argument for being 'main stream'.


  1. I appreciate your time and your efforts. Keep it up. Great future ahead!

  2. Awesome post Chris. This interview really shows your blogging expertise because you were obviously able to conduct it professionally and get some quality material from it. I also like how you gave credit to the photo and used some links. It would be great if next time you could add a little more of your own writing to really show your style. Maybe include a few more engagement questions as well.

    Great job!