Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Possible 2012 Targets?

Did some digging on possible targets that could be on the Montreal Impact radar for next season. These are current players from overseas. Stephen Makinwa
Nigerian striker - Stephen Makinwa: He has been linked to the VAN Whitecaps and Toronto FC as of late. Could Makinwa pass up thoseCanadian teams & sign with expansion side Montreal? Patrick Vieir
French defender/midfielder - Patrick Vieira: His former club Manchester City pretty much have made him a "free agent." Over the years Vieira has been solid but he is now 34-years-old. MLS teams such as the Philadelphia Union and New York Redbulls have shown interest in his services. Martin Petrov
Bulgarian striker - Martin Petrov: Is currently being shopped by his club-side Bolton. He has previously played for Atletico Madrid and Manchester City. He is 32-years-old and started less than half of his team's games this past season. However, I think he could provide some "punch" up-front for the Impact. Djibril Cisse
French striker - Djibril Cisse: He has been linked to big-name MLS clubs such as the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sound ers. Cisse has publicly said that he is intent on "fighting" for a roster spot on a team in the countries of Italy, France or Spain.


  1. I always liked Cisse as an attaker and think he has some good years left. He would add some strength and experience, and some red cards too, lol

  2. Djibril is actually pretty disciplined, he doesnt get red cards, where did you get that from??? If anything he would score many goals in the MLS

  3. I've always thought of Cisse as an "outlandish" type of player. I think he would do well in MLS.